Things you can learn from a grrl’s purse.

You can learn things about a grrl from what’s in her purse. Here’s some of what’s in mine:

  1. Two Epi-Pens.
  2. Two inhalers.
  3. Puppy linux CD
  4. Knoppix S-T-D CD
  5. Cellphone.
  6. PDA.
  7. Screwdriver.
  8. Thumb drive.
  9. Pens.
  10. Titanium spork from Think Geek.

What do you carry around with you?


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13 Responses to Things you can learn from a grrl’s purse.

  1. 1. Three Texas Instruments Calculators
    2. Two Thumb Drives
    3. Cellphone.
    4. iPod
    5. Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Highlighters and Markers
    6. Notebooks
    7. Pill case with allergy pills and vitamins
    8. A physics text book or two. Occasionally a Calculus one as well.
    9. A lab notebook.
    10. Several pads of post it page tabs.
    12. DV and SVGA adaptors for my laptop.
    13. A remote control for the laptop.
    14. A Stapler.

  2. A remote control for the laptop? 🙂
    Also, why three calculators?

  3. Yes, the remote is for the laptop 😉
    I have three calculators because I bought the TI-83 when I was a history major, and the 83 is recommended for Algebra and Statistics, but doesn’t do Calculus. I still have it because I took a class on how to use it and am really fast with it. I bought the TI-89 when I switched to physics because it has calculus functions built in. I carry it for obvious reasons. I have a TI-30XA because they don’t allow graphing calculators into the American Chemistry Society exams. I carry it with me in case the batteries in the other two die at the same time.

  4. I understood that the remote was for the laptop. 🙂 I just don’t understand why. Is it just for watching movies, or is there some other function it does?

  5. It does movies and stuff, and until I upgraded to 10.5 it was the only way to access one of the applications on my machine (Front Row). They’ve fixed that in the new version, but I like the remote.
    As for the calculators, is this where I mention I have deep and abiding calculator lust right now?

  6. Heh. 😀
    You have calculator lust; I have cellphone lust.

  7. Yes, well, I also have iPhone lust, but I don’t have $399.00 to spend.
    Not right now, anyway.

  8. Yes, well, I hear that.
    I want to combine my PDA and cellphone, so I have less to carry. So I was hoping for Palm OS, a nicer camera than my current cellphone, unlimited Internet, and, of course, an SSH client. I mean, what’s a cellphone without an SSH client?

  9. Worthless!
    Alas, I wouldn’t be able to get rid of my iPod, because I’ve got more stuff on my iPod that the iPhone has memory, but I would love to have a web enabled phone with a decent camera. And the iPhone browses over WiFi when it’s available!

  10. Yeah, the wifi thing is nice. I’d like that, too.
    I’m a total web-enabled phone junkie. *twitch* And the camera on my current phone sucks.

  11. Julie

    The bulk of things I carry are:
    – Things to write with
    – Things to write on
    – Wallet with a variety of financial instruments so that I can buy more things to write with and write on
    I also carry other important things, like medicine and phone and tire gauge and a deck of playing cards.

  12. Tire gauge? You’re so organized, Julie! 🙂

  13. Julie

    Organized, nothing. Someone gave me a tire gauge a year and a half ago, and I put it in my purse. Never got around to moving it. 🙂