Random Snippet

In lieu of actual other content, I bring you a bit of the hurricane story:

“Do your best to keep the network up,” Mr. Libby said. “Banking is depending on you. And the rest of our city contracts, of course, but banking is more important than electricity or water. Everyone important will have evacuated, but if the banking servers are down for more than twelve hours the country will be ruined. Do it for the good old US of A.”

“Yes, sir,” they said, none of them with any enthusiasm.

Magdalena smiled and waved. “Ojal√° que se te coman los coyotes.”

“You’re all good kids,” Mr. Libby said. “If you survive, you’ll still have jobs, unless you end up crippled or something. Except Anju, because she’s a communist. Remind me to fire her when I get back. God bless you!” Then he shut the door and his transport took off.

At least this meant they had the rest of the day off.

Heh. Magdalena cracks me up.

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