Another script query ready to go…

Yes, I’m still a slacker. But this is a really good query! Honest! Quality is better than quantity, although in an ideal world there would be both.
I’m also considering not bothering with the SASEs in my script queries. It would be different if they scribbled “No!” on my query and stuffed it into the SASE, but no. They’re throwing my postage away. It’s not like the $4.07 in SASEs that have already been thrown away is going to break me or anything, it’s more that it’s annoying. I mean, I could use that postage for short story SASEs instead.
In the case of one of my first queries, I pulled up the file and noticed a GINORMOUS TYPO OF D00M!!!!! in the query. I kept waiting for the recipient to get out a red pen and write, “GR, F,” and drop it into my SASE, but apparently mocking me is not worth the effort. Alas.
I’m currently at 3 queries out and 4 contest entries. I’m done with the contest entries for this year, though. I meant to be done at 3. Blame Misha.
Is it June yet? I was going to try to use Celtx for Script Frenzy because the file format is subversion-friendly. Of course, I have no idea what I’m going to write…


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4 Responses to Another script query ready to go…

  1. It really is a terrific query. Also, yeah, the SASE thing is less than ideal.
    If it makes you feel any better, I just noticed I’ve had a GINORMOUS TYPO OF DOOM!!!!! in the subject line of *every* *single* *query* I’ve sent by email, and I’ve still gotten two requests for fulls.

  2. Well, your typo of doom may have looked like a typo. Mine looked like I couldn’t conjugate a verb. Woe!
    Max Adams says in her book that she quit sending SASEs after awhile, for pretty much the same reason. It didn’t seem to hurt her.

  3. I have apparently been sending out eQueries for “Meredith MacKenzie and the the Uruk Empire”
    Makes me wonder how many of the form rejects were “Okay, idiot typoed his subject line.” *BOUNCE*

  4. That looks like a typo. Mine was a screwed-up conjugation in the sentence about my publication credits. *facepalm*