To Poke, or Not to Poke.

The hurricane story is approaching a condition where it’s ready for Critters. It may be ready now, but Brian said he’d peek at it and tell me what he thought of the changes.
It behooves me to dawdle, because it’ll take about a month to get through the queue, and next month is NaNoEdMo. Getting a slew of critiques for one project while working on another is distracting. On the other hand, the puppy is 10,859 words, so it’s likely that I’ll get a trickle rather than a slew of critiques, but they’ll still be distracting. Especially since I’m expecting at least one, “Burn in hell/Move back to Russia, you commie!” critique for this story. So maybe I should just sit on it for another week.
In other news, the flash continues to get no love. Maybe I should nag. Or start emailing people.

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