First draft done on hurricane story.

The first draft clocks in at 10,113 words, and it’s likely to expand in revision. For one thing, I think the end is a little abrupt (in fact, I may not be done after all), and for another, I don’t think there’s enough tech, and there are characters who disappear in the middle of the story. I do have the basic plot stuff done, though.
I’m getting critiques for “The Last Wasicu,” so maybe I should set the hurricane story aside until I finish the revisions for “Last Wasicu.” I’m already a little distracted as it is.
One story a month is going to be tough if I insist on doing stories that are over 10,000 words long. Maybe I should try to do something shorter for February. Having said that, I’ve probably cursed myself to write a tome.
I had a rough week at work. That didn’t help, either.


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  1. uwasagadoga

    I should have read this first. You should always finish oe thought before you think a new one

  2. Uwasagadoga,
    No worries. 🙂