Screenplay Competition Season

I’ve started getting notifications about screenwriting competitions, which means I need to decide which ones I’m going to pelt with screenplays.
I’m considering blowing off Austin this year–I won’t have anything new until Script Frenzy, and they’ve seen everything I’ve got. Maybe I’ll try Scriptapalooza this year. And the Final Draft people have already emailed me to let me know that it’s that time again. Looks like Final Draft offers more in the way of cash. I’m in it for the attention whoring industry attention rather than the cash, but the cash would be nice, too. Hmm.
Maybe this should be the year that I should get off my behind and send out script queries, like I should have been doing all along. I’m doing a good job marketing my short fiction. I’m doing a lousy job marketing my scripts.
I think part of the bad marketing is not knowing a lot of screenwriting people. Well, there’s Bill and Misha, but we don’t really talk screenwriting very often. Maybe I should go hang out on Max Adams’ board; they’re really friendly.
Part of it is that it’s hard. It’s easy to throw a short story into a slush pile. I’ll need to write query letters for my novels eventually, anyway. I might as well start now.

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