Geek Envy

Brian migrated his site to Drupal. I have geek envy. If I had any content other than my blog, I’d consider migrating myself. Just for fun, you know. Because I want to play with the geek toy!
But no. I’m sticking with Movable Type for now, because I’d rather bake than fry.


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8 Responses to Geek Envy

  1. I’m loving Drupal. It makes my site much easier to administer. On the other hand, if you do decide to migrate your site, I would recommend you do something I didn’t.
    Read the documentation. I could have saved myself six hours or so of hand importing MT entries if I’d installed 4.6.X which has a working MT import script, then upgraded to 4.7.4 Instead, I’d already spent time building the site and creating content for it.
    On the other hand, once you’ve got it up, it is TEH nifty.

  2. I feel like you’ve got the awesome multitool swiss army contraption, and I’ve got a screwdriver. The thing is, my site is a screw.
    Seriously, I have one static page, and the rest of the site is a blog. Even “Bibliography” is a blog index page. Even so, I may succumb, just out of dorkosity.
    Maybe I’ll let you test the software for me for awhile. 😉

  3. See, I was hoping you’d migrate and figure out all the features for when I need help.
    That’s why I stick around you know. The kitties and the free tech support 😉

  4. Mwahahahaha, still the Alpha Geek! I feel better already. 😉

  5. Yep. Still the Alpha Geek.
    And look, comment threading!

  6. Vile temptor, you mock me with your shiny swiss army software!
    (If I do, I’m going to migrate in a testbed, you know. I’m just sayin’.)

  7. misha

    Is that maybe why I got a bunch of old entries from Brian’s blog on my LJ rss feed?

  8. Misha–yeah. His rss feed changed. I’m glad they found the new one so fast.