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Oh, sweet validation!

Ann Crispin recommended The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman for her writer’s workshop. The chapter on subtlety was sweet, sweet validation.
Yeah, sure, I’ve been known to overdo it on occasion. I’d rather understate than write the scene where Character A looks into the mirror, twirls his mustache, and gloats to himself, and then the rest of the story is Character B’s POV.
The trick, I think, is to incorporate Beth’s advice–the Hitchcock quote that suspense is always better than mystery. That’s not the same thing as spelling everything out; I think the point has more impact if the readers figure it out by themselves.

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Why, yes, it IS my first thrice-damned quiz…

I got it from Jen; can I blame her for my posting a quiz? 😉
I got an 80. “A score of 66 or higher—You’re a E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith, Larry Niven, Greg Bear, Vernor Vinge, Charles Stross or Nancy Kress. Ideas come first for you, the stranger or more innovative the better. If you are a television series, you are Max Headroom, Star Trek: Voyager or Enterprise. This sort of storytelling, by the way, used to be known as science fiction, or ‘hard’ science fiction.”
I suspect it’s all the computer conferences, myself. Although my novel did hit a stalling point recently where I had to make a decision that would pretty much determine whether it was sociological SF or sociological SF with a hard SF spine, and I went for the latter.

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