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Paradigm shift.

Now that I’m working on a novel, I keep having to tell myself to slow down, that I have plenty of room.
I’m not convinced it’s working. In fact, I think I’m going to have to go back and flesh stuff out. I’ve got stuff in here that’s taking paragraphs that probably needs to take pages.
It’s okay. I not only have room, I have time. As long as I meet my daily wordcount, I’ll finish.


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Coping with novel anxiety.

I actually have… an outline. And the motivational spreadsheet of doom to track my wordcount. And… version control. Yes, version control, like programmers use. Why, yes, I am a geek. But I could have used version control sooner–I realized at one point that I’d been sending out copies of “Corporate Oversight” that had an error I’d corrected about six months previously, only I’d also overwritten the file with an old version. Ouch.
I wrote 500 words on Lizardfic the Novel today–well, some of those were pasted in from Lizardfic the short story, but… close enough. I just felt like it.
I also added some minor script tweaks the SO suggested. One word change and one short scene.
And now, bed.

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On second thought…

…I don’t think NaNoWriMo is what I’m looking for with Lizardfic the novel. NaNoWriMo still might be fun, but… not for Lizardfic.
Which means that I need to come up with an outline, and a daily wordcount goal. Otherwise it’ll sit around my hard drive doing nothing.
I think my other “story” in progress is also a novel.
This might sound odd, but I’m slightly disgruntled that both my current ideas are novels. It’s a lot easier to throw short fiction into a slush pile. I can think of three places off the top of my head that take novel slush. If those don’t pan out, well, it’ll be agent-seeking time.
In other news, my script is done. *throws confetti*

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I may be writing a novel.
I received some crits for lizardfic today, and one of the critiquers agrees with Brian that the story might work better at novel-length. I suspect they may be right.
Of course, I don’t have time right now. I need to finish this script. But after, I need to plan this one out. I’m considering doing it during NaNoWriMo, for the support. Which makes me wonder if they’re doing NaNoFiMo again this year.
Speaking of the script, it’s still going slow. And that’s what I should be working on now.

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Must. Finish. Script.

The last pages of my script are just grinding out like cement. I don’t know if it’s laptop death trama and the associated rebuild/migrate/etc., the distraction of the new Precious, being busy at work, all of the above, none of the above…
In short, I’m not writing. There must be writing. There needs to be script.
In other news, the cats ate my Navajo loom. In other, other news, fie on Quicken, for I have migrated to something that runs on linux.

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*flail flop spazz flail twitch BOUNCE!*

Final Draft 6 works out of the box under wine with the current version of Ubuntu. Including authorization. *weeps for joy*
Oh, my darling Final Draft! I’ve missed you so much! *sob, hug, sob!*
Oh, and speaking of Ubuntu? I’m now a True Believer [TM]. Recognized all my hardware out of the box.
Excuse me. I need to go kiss my laptop.

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Complications Ensue

Um. Yeah. Laptop died.
I kind of took the opportunity to go linux. Which means I had to import the script into Celtx, which I just don’t love as much as Final Draft. I’ll probably try to get Final Draft to work under wine as soon as I fix the video card, which is a bit cranky. Cranky video cards are common to my Debian experience. Everything else seems to work (well, I haven’t tried the modem, but…), including wireless. Yay, wireless! MadWifi is my friend.
I managed to get the old laptop to boot enough to pull the last bit of data off, but I’d really rather not use that machine as a primary writing machine any more. It just isn’t reliable.
I’d lost maybe a page or two of the script, but recovered that file as well. The question is whether or not I want to import that into Celtx as well. My first thought is, “*facepalm!*” so…

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Unsticking myself.

I’ve been stuck at 75 pages for awhile on Double Feature. Thematically, there are two minor characters who need more to do, and I might need to pad out the end a little with a bit more denouement, so hopefully that’ll do the unsticking trick.
I’ve been teaching myself to knit and started using my new Navajo loom. In fact, I had Final Draft read me my script while I knitted, which helped me decide what the script needs, so… that’s of the good. The knitting is from this “teach yourself to knit” kit that proclaims that it has “high-quality yarn.” Not to this yarn snob, but it’s good enough for my beginning fumbles. The Navajo loom, on the other hand… I’m using good yarn for that.
I may try to use my backstrap loom again sometime, too. The backstrap has the advantage of being portable, like knitting. I took my knitting to a doctor’s appointment and didn’t even mind the waiting room.

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