Linux Love

I installed linux on one of my home machines. Oh, the love! The fast, the pretty, the thrill of smug accomplishment when I make it recognize my video card. (Um. Yeah. I ♥ solving problems; it’s fun for me.)
I’ve nearly switched to linux several times; the biggest sticking point is Quicken. I’m addicted to Quicken, and I’m not alone. Final Draft apparently doesn’t run, either, and that would be sad. And I’m not sure what I’d use instead of the Athlete’s Diary. Everything else, I can probably find a replacement.
That’s really not much, and it’s all my personal software. And I’m deeply, deeply vexed that Dell’s factory install of XP fails Genuine Windows Validation on my work machine. (I would have wiped and reinstalled–I usually do–but I had a line of people wanting stuff from me RIGHT THEN OMG!!!!, and now it’s this big thing and I don’t have time for it). The day M$ cuts me off from windows updates until I reinstall (like they’re threatening to do), I’m likely to install linux instead. *shakes fist*

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