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I realized something about my script this morning.
That scene on page 13, that I intended to be the initial incident? That’s a very good scene. It’s exactly the way it should play out. I should be very pleased with it.
There’s only one problem.
It should be on page 90, not page 13.

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I think I’ve got it!
I’ve been slogging painfully through Lizardfic–it has a lot of world-building, and it’s all very complicated and I’ve been trying to work it in smoothly–and I just realized that…
My protagonist isn’t very emotional. And she probably should be, considering.
I think if I go back and work that in, it’ll be easier to finish.

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Of course, when I’m wanting to finish a bunch of writing, I get sick. Isn’t that how it always goes? Or is that just me?

I also haven’t had any caffeine since Friday, and am thinking of making that permanent. I enjoy caffeine, but it’s bad for me, and I probably just shouldn’t.

I’m still sick, and probably shouldn’t be posting. Here’s proof! An artist’s rendition of how my weekend went:

KATHERINE is clutching her stomach with one hand
and holding a barf bag with the other.  In the
background, Star Trek fight music swells.
An evil DEADLINE approaches.
You must pay the rent!
Um, paid that on the first.
The Deadline laughs maniacally and twirls its
Apparently, they put me on the good


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Grr, argh!

And, a few paragraphs in, my laptop BSODed and rebooted. Or, more accurately, failed to reboot until the third try. I did backups yesterday; should I write or back up?
I’m current. Write. Back up after writing. Oy.

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And I was doing so well…

I wrote some yesterday, but thus far today I’ve mowed the lawn, trimmed the hedge, grocery shopped… but no writing. No laundry or dishes, either, for that matter, but I’m more vexed about the (lack of) writing.
Also, yesterday there was Harmony. Harmony rocks my world.
Okay, a page per project. Starting now.

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Need an outline, STAT!

I wrote as far as I had in my script, which was basically setting up the premise. Page 13 is a good page to introduce the villains, right?
Need an outline, STAT!
On the other hand, I’m hearing character voices quip, which is a good sign, script-wise. And the script is amusing me, which is a good sign for it amusing others.
I also made some progress on the former cliché story, which is currently codenamed Lizardfic. I think I’ve worked my way around the block, which is a good thing because there’s somewhere I want to send it on April 15.

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I managed a super-rough outline (um, yeah, it’s a description of the setup and a few minor plot beats) and wrote five pages of setting up the premise in Final Draft, so I suspect the movie script is a go. Although I really, really need to come up with a better outline than I had last time. I don’t outline short fiction, so outlining is an underused skill for me, and one I don’t think I’m good at. Sigh.
This is going to be a fun project. I giggled through much of the writing. Then I read it aloud to Brian and he giggled, too. It’s particularly droll to make Final Draft read me my silly script in its dry robot voice. *Cackle!*
The working title is “Double Feature,” by the way. (I almost typed “buy the way”–Freudian typo, anyone?) Two whole people besides me know why. Heh heh.

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*looks at calendar, looks at deadline*

The Austin Film Festival is paying actual real money for their Sci-Fi award this year. Clearly, I should enter.
The only problem being that I don’t currently have a Sci-Fi script.
*looks at calendar, looks at deadline*
May 15. Can I write a Sci-Fi script in two months? Tune in tomorrow! Same bat time, same bat channel… or something.


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Linux Love

I installed linux on one of my home machines. Oh, the love! The fast, the pretty, the thrill of smug accomplishment when I make it recognize my video card. (Um. Yeah. I ♥ solving problems; it’s fun for me.)
I’ve nearly switched to linux several times; the biggest sticking point is Quicken. I’m addicted to Quicken, and I’m not alone. Final Draft apparently doesn’t run, either, and that would be sad. And I’m not sure what I’d use instead of the Athlete’s Diary. Everything else, I can probably find a replacement.
That’s really not much, and it’s all my personal software. And I’m deeply, deeply vexed that Dell’s factory install of XP fails Genuine Windows Validation on my work machine. (I would have wiped and reinstalled–I usually do–but I had a line of people wanting stuff from me RIGHT THEN OMG!!!!, and now it’s this big thing and I don’t have time for it). The day M$ cuts me off from windows updates until I reinstall (like they’re threatening to do), I’m likely to install linux instead. *shakes fist*

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Be your own enabler!

Hi, my name is Katherine, and I’m a self-censor.
(“Hi, Katherine!”)
It really slows me down, because I get bogged down in resisting what happens in a story.
The first draft is not the time to decide whether something is kitsch, or too unpleasant, or whatever. Decide whether it’s kitsch in rewrites. Be your own enabler.


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