What’s Left

What I have left from my best friend for the last 14 years:

  • 1 box of cat ashes
  • 1 cat tooth, pulled by the vet tech on January 8.
  • 5 x-rays: 3 dental, 2 full-body
  • Photos
  • Memories

It’s more than I have for my other dead kitties, but it’s not enough.


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2 Responses to What’s Left

  1. No, it’s never enough. What I save are memorial cards, whiskers, maybe a little fur, and a favorite toy. The medical stuff always ends up in the trash.

  2. I’d like to find a home for the medical stuff–the cat insulin, the antibiotics, etc., because if she’s not going to use it some other kitty should–but aside from giving a coworker with a diabetic cat her leftover insulin needles…