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There’s this thing I do, when I get a rejection.
1. Enter the rejection in my submission tracker.
2. Report the rejection to Black Holes.
3. If the next market on the list is electronic, email it immediately. If the next market on the list is snailmail, go and print it out. I usually jump in the car and mail it then and there, too.
4. Record the new submission in my submission tracker.
It’s like juggling, or some other game where the ball isn’t allowed to touch the ground. And it cuts down on wibble time.

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RIP Octavia Butler

Via Cynthia and Bill comes the sad news of Octavia Butler’s passing. Check out Bill’s post; he has way more than I do.


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Getting back on the [insert mythological animal here].

I had two stories in progress when my cat got sick in December, and I hadn’t touched either of them since until today.
Well, I just worked on one a little, and I really like it. It’s also 2700 words so far and I don’t think it’s even half-finished, although I could be wrong. I’m very bad at estimating first draft lengths. Partly because I have the basic story beats so far, but not an outline or anything.
Yeah, I’m one of those weirdos who writes to find out what happens next. 😉
This one is surprising me; it’s coming out pointed. And there’s a lot of religion in this one. Not so much conventional, organized religion, although there’s some of that, too. More… what people value.
I suspect that the former cliché story stalled because I was resisting the romance that might occur. And also, yes, it needs more conflict. I don’t think that one is completely ripe, although I think I’ve figured it out a little better.
I kind of wish they’d all come out in a big rush like the Just Not Right story, though. Speaking of which, well… *looks at submission tracker, raises eyebrow*


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Site updates

I added some stuff to the site, including OpenID authentication, and sporked the popup windows. Let me know if you find any bugs.

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If you ever want me dead… ;)

So, last night, around 1 or 2, my back hurt. I have a little plastic tub where I have various creams and such. There’s one bottle in there that I bought, noticed that the last ingredient was 0.25% Capsaicin, and have avoided ever since. See, I had to go to the ER at 16 following a bowl of chili with jalapenos, and I’ve always blamed the jalapenos. Since then, Indian and Chinese with those red peppers have impelled me to use my inhaler, so…
Guess what my hand grabbed when I was half-asleep?
At 4, I woke up the SO to ask, “Bug bites or hives?” He squinted, said, “Um. Bug bites? I think?” I decided that if there was any doubt I should wash the stuff off.
In the shower, my lips started to swell. Hives. (Apparently I shouldn’t have used hot water, but… frickin’ brr. Brian keeps the house like a freezer.)
Next to swell was my mouth; I sounded like I was on Novocaine and it was getting harder to breathe, so I stabbed myself with my epi-pen and we went to the ER. (It was snowing, and me in my Birks without socks! Brr!) I now have a prescription for a five day course of prednisone.
Because I accidentally smeared pepper juice on my skin.
That’s new. And unwelcome.

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What’s Left

What I have left from my best friend for the last 14 years:

  • 1 box of cat ashes
  • 1 cat tooth, pulled by the vet tech on January 8.
  • 5 x-rays: 3 dental, 2 full-body
  • Photos
  • Memories

It’s more than I have for my other dead kitties, but it’s not enough.


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