Nightmare story updated yet again…

I made even more changes to the nightmare story, but no one’s seen them yet. The S.O. was working on his own novel, damn him! *shakes fist* That, and I’m a little too worried about Hurricane Katrina smacking New Orleans to worry about whether my changes to a short story are any good.
Speaking of Katrina, we should be getting leftovers at some point; mostly a bunch of rain. Nothing compared to what they’re getting, of course, and it’s not like we’re under an Inland Tropical Storm warning like Tennessee.
Tennessee. I ask you.
Should we lose power, I’ll take the opportunity to write in peace and quiet and darkness until my laptop battery runs out. Woo!
I downloaded a metric ton of stuff from Escape Pod to listen to in the car. Mostly Tim Pratt and Greg van Eekhout, since I’ve enjoyed other stories of theirs. (I already downloaded Jen‘s story ages ago.)


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2 Responses to Nightmare story updated yet again…

  1. Oh yes. Here in Chattanooga, every passing hurricane we get a rash of people scouring the gas stations and grocery stores for milk and toilet paper. I think they intend to make paper mache …

  2. Sounds like the runs on the store for milk, eggs, and bread we get every ice storm–it’s a french toast emergency!