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Site news…

I’m turning off comments on older entries because spammers have found my site. May the fleas of a thousand buffalo infest their crotches! I’ll leave comments on for newer entries, but if you feel the need to follow up my ancient post about my television script being rejected, well, sucks to be you. 😉
I’m considering instituting trackback, however.
I also put an author portrait on the bio page, as author portraits are de rigeur. I wouldn’t want the author page police to cite me for my site. 😉
And, in other news, no yay today–I received a Blue Form of Death from Carina. Ah well. Sallya has already made her way to the next market.

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Sallya is safely in New Jersey

I was out at the ROF slush page, and was very pleased to see Sallya. Yay! I’ve been trying not to go and stare until my head explodes, but it’s very reassuring to think that Sallya is really there, and in Carina’s hot little hands.
There are currently 6 stories out of 42 that are being held for further consideration. One of those could be Sallya. Again, I need to try not to obsess, but… there could be a yay there. 🙂
Sallya has been away from home for 58 days so far. Go, Sallya, go!

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June sucked

‘Nuff said, really. June was the suck. I promptly sent out my rejected story to a new market, but that’s about it.
I do still have two stories in progress, and am contemplating a TV script and a potential novel (meep!), but basically the month was spent on cat grief, worries about money, the vet temporarily misplacing my dead cat (!!!!!!!!!!), and repeated viewings of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Yeesh. Just typing that I want to skive off work and go see Prisoner of Azkaban again.

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