playing scripts off short fiction

I got several funny pages done on the movie script. Hooray! On the other hand, I read a bit of draft for the nightmare story I wrote last week, and it is the suck. Not first draft suck, either. Worse.
Ah well, this is the whole reason to have multiple projects in progress, right? to have something to work on when other somethings aren’t cooperating?
I wonder if I would have better luck with “Grandfather Paradox.” Maybe I should try that. Although I’m tempted to try to go for a quick run first. That sounds like a plan, actually. Run–well, trot, more like–then write more. Running may clear my head, and if it doesn’t, well… maybe I’m supposed to rest instead.
In other news, I found a copy of Tiptree’s Brightness Falls From the Air in a used bookstore. Why isn’t anything of hers aside from Meet Me At Infinity in print? She should be in print. I have spoken.

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