New exercise program!

My job has changed, and I’m expecting it to be a lot less physical than it’s been in the past, so that means it’s time to start working out outside of work again. I have a stationary bike, weights, and a weight bench at home, but I’m feeling inspired by my friend Jenne who lost much weight and looks fabulous to try running again. I’ve always wanted to; it’s always been fun, but treadmills are much kinder on my joints. I’m kind of the anti-limber.
But I digress.
My job has a treadmill, and I will likely start using it. I just need to figure out whether I want to get there early, run at lunch, or run right after work. I was thinking three times a week or so, with much stationary bike in between. And weights. Much weights. You should see my biceps. 😉
Today I rode the bike for fifteen minutes and then stretched. Before the bike and stretch, an attempt to touch the floor had my hands a full foot off the ground. Afterwards, I could touch the floor. Then I ran a hilly route near my house. Downhill is super-easy and I feel like I could do it forever, level ground is manageable, and uphill sucks and winds me almost instantly. That’s pretty damned good for someone who hasn’t tried this in over a year, though. 🙂
I didn’t write this weekend. I went out with friends, including the aforementioned Jenne, and I ran. I think that’s pretty good. There’s always tomorrow.

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