New Story in Progress

This weekend I’ve been working on my latest story, which is based on a nightmare I was having on August 29, 2003, right before my mother-in-law woke me up to drive her to the doctor for her broken arm. Yes, I know the date, because we went to Dragoncon right after the doctor.
I’ve been letting it percolate since then. The plotting is pretty slow slogging at this point. It was a dream, and therefore doesn’t make much sense. I suppose I shouldn’t worry about that and should just try to get a first draft, however illogical.
It’s probably too early to sit around wondering which markets want dark urban fantasy, too.
I had an idea that may end up being a novel, too, but it’s still in the percolation stages. I have notes lying around my hard drive. Meep, novel! Maybe I should let that one lie around for awhile.

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