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new story in circulation

That extremely silly story I mentioned is now in circulation under the title, “The Captivity of Princess Sallya.” Goe, lyttel storie! Goe! 🙂

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I’m a nerd…

I am such a nerd. My stylesheet didn’t work in Netscrape 4.x, so I wrote one that did and some javascript browser detection. Well, okay, I modified a javascript from Scriptygoddess.
I wouldn’t worry so much about Netscape 4.x, on account of it only representing a fraction of my traffic, but alas, my sister uses Netscape 4.x, and the site looked all pretty but none of the navigation links were clickable. The site must work for my sister! I’d rather it be fugly and clickable. Fortunately, I came up with a good compromise Netscape style. Actually, it looks almost identical. Yay!
I should probably be writing. 🙂

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First Sale!

“Victual-Seeking Varmints from Outer Space” will appear in the May 2004 issue of Alien Skin. Yay!
*happy dances*


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I’ve figured out why the nightmare-based story is proceeding so slowly. I don’t have the rules set for the story universe. It looks like our universe, but any world in which (that would be telling!) is not our world. 🙂
Some time rule-building for the nightmare story and grandfather story is in order!

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New story idea

Inspiration struck Wednesday for a twisted tale I’m calling “The Grandfather Paradox.” Yes, for those of you who recognize the reference, there is time travel in this story. Right now I’m trying to figure out the time-travel rules. I don’t want to do the old “can’t affect anything in the past” story, but there have to be rules. Hmm. I’ll have to ponder that one some more.
I also don’t think the nightmare story is “ripe” yet. I may have to let it lie around my hard drive some more. Which means I should probably go and work on the very silly story.
The running is going fairly well so far, aside from some mix-ups over treadmill hours at my place of employment. They should make the treadmill available to me 24/7! They should give me a treadmill of my very own to take home!
Uh, yeah. Maybe I should go buy more lottery tickets. (It’s for a good cause! It funds the Hope Scholarship!)

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New exercise program!

My job has changed, and I’m expecting it to be a lot less physical than it’s been in the past, so that means it’s time to start working out outside of work again. I have a stationary bike, weights, and a weight bench at home, but I’m feeling inspired by my friend Jenne who lost much weight and looks fabulous to try running again. I’ve always wanted to; it’s always been fun, but treadmills are much kinder on my joints. I’m kind of the anti-limber.
But I digress.
My job has a treadmill, and I will likely start using it. I just need to figure out whether I want to get there early, run at lunch, or run right after work. I was thinking three times a week or so, with much stationary bike in between. And weights. Much weights. You should see my biceps. 😉
Today I rode the bike for fifteen minutes and then stretched. Before the bike and stretch, an attempt to touch the floor had my hands a full foot off the ground. Afterwards, I could touch the floor. Then I ran a hilly route near my house. Downhill is super-easy and I feel like I could do it forever, level ground is manageable, and uphill sucks and winds me almost instantly. That’s pretty damned good for someone who hasn’t tried this in over a year, though. 🙂
I didn’t write this weekend. I went out with friends, including the aforementioned Jenne, and I ran. I think that’s pretty good. There’s always tomorrow.

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So, the story loosely based on a nightmare proceeds slowly, because, well, dream. Not very logically consistent. That, and I feel very lazy. My job just got a lot busier.
No, my laptop isn’t back from the shop. They did “final testing” on it this morning at 10am, and it flunked, so they’re tearing out all the main boards and replacing them. On the other hand, they did send me a bogus bill I’ll have to challenge. Sigh!
But I digress.
So, I have this story that I’m working on, but it’s not cooperating, and yesterday I had this really, really wacky silly idea. And it’s just getting sillier. If only I could talk myself into, you know, writing. Why don’t I wash my hair and then try to scribble down the funnier parts I came up with?
Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

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Ooh, ahh.

I have to say that based on this really quick test, Zempt is much nicer than Slug. I may have to switch.

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New Story in Progress

This weekend I’ve been working on my latest story, which is based on a nightmare I was having on August 29, 2003, right before my mother-in-law woke me up to drive her to the doctor for her broken arm. Yes, I know the date, because we went to Dragoncon right after the doctor.
I’ve been letting it percolate since then. The plotting is pretty slow slogging at this point. It was a dream, and therefore doesn’t make much sense. I suppose I shouldn’t worry about that and should just try to get a first draft, however illogical.
It’s probably too early to sit around wondering which markets want dark urban fantasy, too.
I had an idea that may end up being a novel, too, but it’s still in the percolation stages. I have notes lying around my hard drive. Meep, novel! Maybe I should let that one lie around for awhile.

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Color me impressed. Lone Star Stories just rejected my story in 2 hours. A very flattering rejection, mind you.
Must… resubmit… before… bed…

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