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Well, as far as words written, it’s probably not that impressive, but last night I made a lot of progress on the time dilation story. Math, physics, and characterization progress:

  • I decided the ship was going too fast.
  • I picked a destination, which gave me specific numbers to use instead of hand-waving.
  • I decided that I was profoundly dissatisfied with one of the characters (the antagonist) and that said character had no redeeming virtues whatsoever, and was therefore cardboard and making my story suck.

I plugged in the specifics, and plan to spend some time making the antagonist likeable. The fun part was how casually the specifics sort of fell into the story. Heh.

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Curses! Foiled Again!

I got a lovely mail-merged rejection note from F&SF. I was under the impression most places used preprinted sheets of paper: “Dear writer, thank you for thinking of us but we cannot use this material at this time. –Editor.” The body of the letter seems to be a form but it really has my name, address, and the story title in it. Do they do that for all 400-600 submissions a month?
Yes, this is shameless rejectomancy. 😉
I’ve already sent it out again. *crossing fingers*

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New Year’s Resolutions

I’d really like to post something like, “This year I will get published, sell my movie script, and win the Georgia Lottery,” but none of those things are under my control, so there’s no point in having them in a New Year’s Resolutions post. The following are items I think are reasonable New Year’s resolutions for me:

  1. Try to write every day.
  2. Send fiction to markets, and leave it on the market until sold.
  3. Finish movie script (vital first step to selling movie script).
  4. Exercise.
  5. Henna my hair more often–maybe every Saturday. I’m getting surprisingly grey for my age, in my opinion. I blame working in IT for too many years.
  6. Spend more time petting kitties.

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