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Quest for Fire

I just sent “Victual-Seeking Varmints from Outer Space” to F&SF, after much Questing for Fire. The first Kinko’s had a broken printer. The second Kinko’s refused to do an SASE because they only had a meter, not stamps. The post office had a broken bill changer, but I managed to get my SASE stamped. The first Kinko’s had a broken postal meter. (They’re not good for much, are they?) But it is away! away! and there was much rejoicing.
Then we returned home and Judith asked what movie we went to see. LOL!

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Called my mother…

We talked for far too long and such, and she randomly said that she thought I was a talented writer and she would live to see me and my sister both in print someday.
What? To the best of my knowledge she hasn’t read anything I wrote since high school! …Well, I did send my sister that humorous SF piece and the script; maybe she showed them to mom. It’s just strange to think that they’re talking about me, I guess.
That, and now I’m hoping that whatever I write isn’t “too naughty” for my mother and sister! 😀

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